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lemurjoe's Journal

lemur jo/e
14 February 1968
External Services:
  • lemurjoe@gmail.com
my email is lemurjoe@gmail.com.

I am a chaotic good hobbit ranger with a dwarf ancestor. _grin_

[I'm also a researcher of the early Royal Society, the history of science and mathematics, and trying to finish my bachelor degrees (BS and BA) so I can continue on in academia.] On Indefinite Hold

I'm trying my hand at fabric art -- lots of ideas and drawings, slow in the implementation.

I'm also a transgender ftm of scottish-welsh-irish-german ancestry who was born in Turkey to non-turkish parents.

I'm also a converted zen buddhist who was raised in military chapel/methodism.

I'm also cool_lemur in Neopia.

I'm lemurjoe on myspace as well.